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iMCO Watch Special Edition - Ceramic Ring With Unique Graphic Design

iMCO Watch Special Edition - Ceramic Ring With Unique Graphic Design

$139.00 $329.00
Presidents Day Sale: The same black or silver iMCO Watch with stainless steal band, but comes with a unique ceramic ring. Additional leather band
Total value of $368 for $139 only!!!
Free U.S. shipping. Worldwide shipping available.
Limited quantity only, place an order now before it goes out of stock!
iMCO Watch is designed as both a fashion accessory and a smartwatch. As one unique design feature, the ceramic ring round the body metal case can be custom-made and tailor to your personal taste. Four special editions are available at launch with the following graphics specially designed by iMCO designer, and each has its own story and meaning. Order one iMCO Watch Special Edition now, limited quantity only.
    Spades J – Peace
    The idea originates from the patterns of divination artifacts used in ancient Europe, with Spade representing olive leaves and symboling peace. With unique combination of letter J and Spade, two new graphic images layout, and space narrowing, images of trees appear smartly between the two graphics, which makes us think of the close relationship between man and nature.
    Spade in the Da Vinci Code originates from the treasured sword, that is, the edge of the sword, and it represents the male.
      Mobius – Connected
      Inspired by a film named Mobiu of Jin Jide, it means physical relationship in nature, and endless cycles of events which can never get out of, with a meaning of Buddhism called cause-and-effect cycle.
      If a person stands on the surface of a huge Mobius band and goes down the “road” that he could ever see, he will never stop.
        Around the world – Challenging
        Graphic creation prototype comes from the bird-insect seal character in ancient China. Bird-insect seal character is a variant of the pre-Qin dynasty seal script, and belongs to a special art font in the bronze inscription. Due to the font style transforming unfathomably, strong sense of composition, and low degree of identification, this decorative graph represents "around the world". The meaning behind “around the world” is yelling with youth, cheering for the future, going ahead, keeping climbing, pursue, pursuing and achieving another goal in life! It brings us confidence and strength in life, and travels around the world with every friend who has dreams.
          Four-leave clover – Lucky
          Looking for four-leaf clover is a childhood game. If someone finds a four-leaf clover, then fortune will smile on him soon. Four-leaf clover is particularly valuable because of scarcity.
          It is said that after Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden of Eden, Eve decided to find a four-leaf clover to commemorate the loss of life in paradise. So if you find a four-leaf clover, is equivalent to having part of heaven. Today, four-leaf clover is designed into a variety of jewelries to wear around bythose who like it. As the expression of love, kinship and friendship, four-leaf clover reveals the infinite love and yearning of people to life. This graphic design uses a four- leaf clover as the prototype, and dots surrounded by it show the scene of people looking for luck.
          iMCO Watch Key Features and Highlights:
          • The world's first Amazon Alexa-enabled smartwatch: Speak, iMCO Watch shall listen and talk to you. YES, Alexa works on iMCO Watch outside of U.S. - consult "Alexa Setup on CoWatch" on our website.
          • A fashion accessory: classic round watch face, stainless steel case and ceramic decorative ring.
          • Notifications on your wrist while keeping your phone in the pocket: Text, email, calendar, sport update, game score, phone app notification and more.
          • An arsenal of apps right out-of-the-box: Alexa, Speed Dial, IFTTT, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Weather, Calendar, Timer, Music Control, Flashlight and more.
          • Compatible with iPhone & Android smart phones with similar functionality.


          What's in the box:
          iMCO CoWatch Smart Watch with Unique Graphic Design of Your Choice, Stainless Steel Band, Charging Cradle, USB Cable, Clasp Adjuster, User Guide and Warranty Info.

          Standard shipping costs: Free shipping for United States. $32.99 express shipping for rest of world.

          Hardware Specifications:
          • Ceramic ring with unique graphic designs
          • Hard button for quick access to Alexa
          • AMOLED full-circle display
          • 400×400 pixels, 286PPI
          • Screen size: 1.39inches
          • Dual-core processor at 1.2GHz and 300MHz
          • 1GB RAM + 8GB Flash Memory
          • Gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer
          • Heart rate sensor, vibro motor
          • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz), Bluetooth 4.1
          • Build-in speaker and microphone
          • Dust and water resistance
          • Up to 32 hours of battery life in always-on mode
          • Width: 1.72inches; Thickness: 0.48inches
          • Case Weight: 1.9oz 

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